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COMMENT: As specified under other PSA tasks in this publication dependencies of front line systems on support systems and I&C are preferably modelled explicitly for example by means of transfers from support system trains to the equipment of the front line system which depend on a particular support systems. Depending on the design this From the level of systems, success criteria are continued to system trains if necessary and requires formulation of success criteria for support systems as well.

RATIONALE: Grouping of this type of events could mask the insights for certain applications. IE-C05 Each common cause initiator is considered as a separate group. In case the success criteria for frequent events included in the group are much less severe than success criteria for the representative IE, the events should be grouped differently. ) EXAMPLE: Events requiring ISLOCA isolation should be considered separately for each ISLOCA path if different isolation possibilities are available. Rationale/Comments/Examples for: General Attributes and Special Attributes (in Italics) IE-C03 IEs are included in separate groups if different operator actions or conditions for operator actions in terms of information available, time windows, environmental conditions, and procedural requirements exist.

The description of the formulation of success criteria and of related attributes in this section is limited to success criteria required for a Level-1 PSA. Success criteria regarding the plant response to initiating events are used to specify whether safety related functions meet the requirements to prevent damage to the core or mitigate significant releases of radioactivity. These safety-related functions in terms of a PSA may be functions of operating systems, front line safety systems, I&C, support systems, structures, components, and operator actions.

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