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By Julia James

ISBN-10: 1552546446

ISBN-13: 9781552546444

Company wealthy person Alexei Constantin has something on his brain - to break the Hawkwood relations empire! yet Alexei does not discover he is simply shared a passionate kiss with Eve Hawkwood - the gorgeous yet blameless daughter of his sour enemy...

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Enterprise magnate Alexei Constantin has something on his brain - to spoil the Hawkwood relatives empire! yet Alexei does not notice he is simply shared a passionate kiss with Eve Hawkwood - the attractive yet blameless daughter of his sour enemy. ..

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That had been a mistake. Alexei watched for a fraction of a second as she hurried across the hotel lobby to the rear doors facing the sea. If she’d simply gone on standing there as he’d walked past her he’d have let her be. There was every reason to let her be. None at all for what he was now doing—striding after her with long, lean steps. Deliberately he did not catch up with her. Deliberately he let her reach the outdoors and plunge off to the left of the hotel. He didn’t know where she was going, but he would find out.

While she… For a few pointless moments she let her imagination go where it wanted. To the fantasy that had her in its grip. Out over the dance floor, to where she would be, her hands at the nape of his neck, her head resting on his chest, his hands resting lightly, oh so lightly, at her waist… Sharply, she set aside her fantasy. Indulging it would only feed it, and what was the point of that? None. None at all. ’ Her head whipped round. Shock widened her eyes. Her heart surged in her chest. Her mouth dried like a desert.

Did not see her. But even as she let go of the last remnant of her futile hope, leaving a dry, drained emptiness inside her, she realised why he was not looking at her. And as she did, a dark, ominous foreboding began to gel inside her. He was not walking towards the roulette table. He was walking towards her father. And something about the way he was walking sent a chill down her spine. Controlled. Purposeful. Deadly. The word formed in her mind, and she could not unform it. It hung there, making her stomach pool with cold.

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