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The Turks quickly learned that all they need do was simply dig in around key positions in Cyrenaica and Tripolitania and hold on, for while the Italian infantrymen were competent fighters, their officers showed neither enthusiasm nor aptitude for offensive actions. When the new year arrived, the Ottoman forces were still the de facto masters of the disputed provinces. By spring 1912 the Italians were desperately looking for a way to force an end to what had become a bloody, drawn-out affair.

Ahmed Niyazi had thrown in his lot with the Committee of Union and Progress and feared the Sultan’s investigators, who had been granted Inquisition-like powers of arrest and interrogation. On July 3, 1908, taking two hundred loyal soldiers, Niyazi set out for Constantinople, where he was prepared to demand by force the restoration of the 1877 constitution. In a scenario reminiscent of other revolutions, the troops that had been sent out to arrest Major Niyazi joined the rebellion, and the revolution was openly proclaimed on July 6, 1908.

As the overland trade declined, with it went the revenues that maintaining and servicing those routes had provided, hamstringing the economy of the empire just at the time when Europe’s economy began to grow at an unprecedented rate. Gold that had been flowing into Ottoman purses was now filling European treasuries. The explosion of scientific and artistic genius that marked the Renaissance in Italy was paralleled by a quieter but more profound flowering of practical science in much of the rest of Europe.

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