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Protecting mathematical necessities to a minimal, this undergraduate-level textual content stimulates scholars' intuitive figuring out of topology whereas averting the tougher subtleties and technicalities. Its concentration is the tactic of round adjustments and the learn of serious issues of features on manifolds. 1968 variation.

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A cochain complex C over Z2 is a sequence ... (°,9+1 c4-1 c4 of vector spaces Cq over Z2 and linear maps dq, called coboundary operators, ... 1) 5489-1 = 0 Vq. If C'q C C4 is a sequence of subspaces such that bq(C'q) c C'q+l, then C' = {C'q, bq } is itself a cochain complex, called a subcomplex of C. Passing to quotients, 8q induces a linear map a : Cq/c'q -* Cq+1/c/q+l such that bgbq-l = 0, so C/C' = {Cq/C'q,bq} is also a cochain complex, called the quotient complex of C by C'. 3. ALEXANDER-SPANIER COHOMOLOGY THEORY 31 The elements of Cq are called q-cochains and those of the subspaces Bq(C) = im bq-1 Zq(C) = ker 6q, are called q-cocycles and q-coboundaries, respectively.

7) holds, then (A4) is satisfied. PROOF. 8) u and (Ap uj, uj - u) 0, then 0'< r(Ilujllp-l-IIuIIp-1)(IIujII-(lull) (Ap uj, uj) - (Ap uj, u) - (Ap u, uj) + (Ap u, u) _ (Ap uj, uj - u) - (Ap u, uj - u) so ll uj ll - Hull and hence uj 0, u by uniform convexity. Next we give some examples. 3 and Holder inequalities. 1. 1. 10) if (x, t)l S C + 1) (ltIT-1 V(x, t) E 0 X R for some r e (1, p*), where nP P* = n-p P 0. 12) F(x, t) = f (x, s) ds. 10) and the compactness of the Sobolev imbedding WJ" (Q) L'(Q) for r < p*.

Then from the lower middle square r*i*a = 8*r*a = 2*f*(Wk 1) _ (fi)*(Wk 1) f*(Wk-1) = 0-0 since i(A) = k, so i*a # 0. When k = 1, i*a # 7r*1 = 1 since i*a 0 kerr* = 7r*(H0(A)), and i*1 = 1. The second assertion follows by taking A = X.

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