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During this pioneering e-book Katarzyna Jaszczolt lays down the principles of an unique idea of that means in discourse, finds the cognitive foundations of discourse interpretation, and places ahead a brand new foundation for the research of discourse processing. She presents a step by step creation to the speculation and its program, and explains new phrases and formalisms as required. Dr. Jaszczolt unites the precision of truth-conditional, dynamic methods with insights from neo-Gricean pragmatics into the position of speaker's intentions in communique. She exhibits that the compositionality of which means could be understood as merger representations combining details from quite a few assets together with be aware that means and sentence constitution, several types of default interpretations, and awake pragmatic inference. one of the purposes the writer discusses are structures that pose difficulties in semantic research reminiscent of referring expressions, propositional perspective buildings, presupposition, modality, numerals, and sentential connectives. She proposes ideas to innovative difficulties within the semantics/pragmatics interface - for instance, what percentage degrees of that means can be individual; the prestige of underspecification; how a lot contextual details may be put within the illustration of the speaker's which means; no matter if there are default interpretations; the level of utterance interpretation at which pragmatic inference starts off; and no matter if compositionality is an important function of the idea of that means and if this is the case the way it is to be defined.The ebook is for college kids and researchers in semantics, pragmatics, computational linguistics, and philosophy of language at complicated undergraduate point and above.

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Lower-bounded reading) (7b) I have met some but not all of her friends. (upper-bounded reading) In Horn’s (1992: 172) terms, ‘what is said in an utterance is systematically underdetermined by what is uttered ’. Introducing underdetermination to semantic theory opened the way for more and more advanced proposals that obey methodological parsimony. In agreement with Occam’s razor and in particular with Grice’s (1978) ModiWed Occam’s Razor (henceforth: MOR) that advocates not multiplying senses beyond necessity, theories of meaning came closer to representing the cognitive processes involved in understanding utterances.

Recanati 1989a: 98) In other words, on Recanati’s construal, in addition to sentence meaning, there is what is said, and in addition to these there is a more general notion of what is communicated: the latter includes the implicatures. According to Recanati, what is said is intuitively given: as he spells out in a later work Meaning Representation: Setting the Scene 23 (Recanati 2003), what is said is not composed of a sentence meaning and conscious inferences from it. Instead, it is primitive as far as the processing of meaning goes.

Levinson 2000: 27) 26 Default Semantics: Foundations Once again, in agreement with the PoL principle and more generally with Occam’s razor, if there is no evidence for a level of meaning, it should not be postulated. There is also a more modest but still powerful argument against the level of GCIs that can merely be signalled here in general terms as its full power can only become clear after I have introduced types of defaults in Chapter 2. In short, according to the account in which there is more than one level of meaning, a level of meaning should be characterized by a uniformity of the source from which the meanings that pertain to this level are derived.

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