Vincent H. Malmström's Cycles of the Sun, Mysteries of the Moon: The Calendar in PDF

By Vincent H. Malmström

ISBN-10: 0292751966

ISBN-13: 9780292751965

The easy query "How did the Maya get a hold of a calendar that had simply 260 days?" led Vincent Malmström to find an unforeseen "hearth" of Mesoamerican tradition. during this boldly revisionist booklet, he units forth his not easy, new view of the beginning and diffusion of Mesoamerican calendrical systems—the highbrow fulfillment that gave upward push to Mesoamerican civilization and culture.

Malmström posits that the 260-day calendar marked the period among passages of the solar at its zenith over Izapa, an historical ceremonial middle within the Soconusco zone of Mexico's Pacific coastal undeniable. He is going directly to exhibit how the calendar constructed by means of the Zoque humans of the sector within the fourteenth century B.C. steadily subtle via Mesoamerica into the so-called "Olmec metropolitan sector" of the Gulf coast and past to the Maya within the east and to the plateau of Mexico within the west.

These findings problem our prior knowing of the starting place and diffusion of Mesoamerican civilization. certain to impress energetic debate in lots of quarters, this e-book may be very important studying for all scholars of old Mesoamerica—anthropologists, archaeologists, archaeoastronomers, geographers, and the turning out to be public enthusiastic about all issues Maya.

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