Download e-book for iPad: Context-Dependence, Perspective and Relativity by Francois Recanati, Isidora Stojanovic, Neftali Villanueva

By Francois Recanati, Isidora Stojanovic, Neftali Villanueva

ISBN-10: 3110227762

ISBN-13: 9783110227765

This quantity brings jointly unique papers via linguists and philosophers at the position of context and point of view in language and suggestion. a number of contributions are eager about the contextualism/relativism debate, which has loomed huge in contemporary philosophical discussions. In a considerable advent, the editors survey the sector and map out the proper concerns and positions.

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The roles in a proposition are the places where the represented entities are; the roles of a proposition are, if you will, the places where the leaves grow on the tree-structure. Now, to say that a particular notion ni of belief b is responsible for role ri of proposition p is simply to say that the content of ni is what “fills” role ri in p. It is important to notice that in the above formal schema ‘ni’ is not a bound variable: rather it is a sort of schematic letter to be replaced by a name for a notion, and for any true (or false) belief report there must be such a name corresponding to each role ri of proposition p.

So in what follows I will first explain how I think the distinction is be drawn for thought, and then explain how it is to be drawn for language. , all and only those entities it explicitly represents. So, if an entity O is a constituent of the truth-conditional content of a thought T, yet O is unarticulated by T, then T merely concerns, and is not about, O. 4 How the distinction between being about and concerning is to be drawn in the case language is parasitic upon how the distinction is drawn in the case of thought.

That is, if Perry’s son’s belief merely concerns Palo Alto, then “NPalo Alto” lacks a referent. Thus, the unarticulated constituent analysis incorrectly predicts my utterance of (3) to be neither true nor false. 11 In the above application of Crimmins and Perry’s analysis to my utterance of (3), I have assumed that the relevant sort of content of the subutterance of ‘it is raining’ is concerning-content, rather than aboutness-content. 12 They write, for example, “Each belief has as its content the proposition that the objects its notions are of have the property or stand in the relation, that its idea is of” (1989: 692, emphasis added).

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Context-Dependence, Perspective and Relativity by Francois Recanati, Isidora Stojanovic, Neftali Villanueva

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