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By Ari Ivaska (auth.), Ari Ivaska, Andrzej Lewenstam, Rolf Sara (eds.)

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Jayaweera and L. Ramaley, Anal. , 15 (1986) 241; L. P. Surette, Chem. , 8 (1978) 181. K. Chandler and D. Pletcher, Spec. Period. Rep. , 10 (1985) 117. P. Marque, J. Roncali and F. Garnier, J. Electroanal. , 218 (1987) 107. J. Roncali and F. Garnier, Nouv. J. , 10 (1986) 237. M. M. Pernaut, Synth. , 10 (1984/85) 117. SMOOTHING OF AC POLAROGRAPHIC DATA BY FFT FILTERING Johan Bobacka and Ari lvaska Labaratory of AnaJyticaJ Chemistry Abo Akademi University SF-20500 Turku-Abo, Finland Introd uction In ac polarography the measured signal often contains random fluctuations, usually referred to as noise.

The Fourier transforms are calculated using a Cooley- Tukey radix-4 algorithm. The signal processors are capable of calculating a complex, 1024-point Fourier transform in approximately 40 ms. The time domain ac excitation waveform is calculated by an inverse transform by DSP B. The dc and ac parts of the potential are formed separately and are, after digital-ta-analog conversion and filtering, added before applied to the electrochemical cell. The current and potential data are, after filtering and analog-ta-digital conversion, transformed simultaneously by DSP A by forming a complex array of these two real arrays.

These frequencies are odd harmonics of the base frequency. The ac polarographic data from the measurements were stored in the memory of the computer for further analysis and smoothing. When necessary, background correction was performed prior to the FFT filtering. When smoothing the ac polarographic data there were . two possibilities: 1. Thein-phase and the quadrature currents were regarded as complex signals composed of a real part (in-phase current) and an imaginary part (quadrature current) and both were smoothed simultaneously.

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