New PDF release: Contact with Alien Civilizations: Our Hopes and Fears about

By Michael Michaud

ISBN-10: 0387285989

ISBN-13: 9780387285986

This e-book describes a large choice of speculations by means of many authors concerning the outcomes for humanity of entering touch with extraterrestrial intelligence. The assumptions underlying these speculations are tested, and a few conclusions are drawn. The booklet emphasizes the results of touch instead of the quest, and takes account of renowned perspectives. As valuable history, the e-book additionally comprises short summaries of the background of pondering extraterrestrial intelligence, searches for all times and for signs, contrasting paradigms of ways touch could occur, and the ambiguity that these paradigms allegedly create.

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SERENDIP piggybacks receivers on radio telescopes conducting more conventional astronomical research. Although SERENDIP can not choose its targets, it can listen 50–70% of the time. Originally a Northern Hemisphere search, this project initiated a Southern SERENDIP in Australia in 1998. The program also is supported by the Friends of SERENDIP, a fund-raising group headed by Arthur C. Clarke. 38 The search involved the public in an unprecedented way with the SETI at Home project, in which private citizens make their computers available to process data acquired by radio telescopes.

This defi nition makes it unnecessary to delve into psychology and philosophy. Instead of trying to divine the inner being and its inner thoughts, one 33 34 Searching for Intelligence merely looks at what is being accomplished. 4 Jill Tarter refi ned the defi nition: The search for intelligent life is a search for a technology that is detectable by our technology. We are looking for a species’ ability to technologically modify its local environment in ways that can be detected over interstellar distances.

His direct contact scenario came back to haunt them 15 years later. From Russia with Theories In 1962, Soviet astronomer Iosif Shklovskii published a book in Russian called Universe, Life, Mind, popularizing the question and providing a broad context for the search. Another Soviet astronomer, Nikolai Kardashev, called the fi rst USSR-wide meeting on this subject in 1964. Kardashev proposed three levels of alien technology reflected by the power of signals they could emit: Type I, a planetary technology comparable to that of Earth; Type II, a technology exploiting the energy of a star; Type III, disposing of energy comparable to that of an entire galaxy.

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