Celebrity Diss and Tell: Stars Talk About Each Other - download pdf or read online

By Boze Hadleigh

ISBN-10: 0740754734

ISBN-13: 9780740754739

"They say the final straw was once whilst Jennifer Lopez requested Ben Affleck to inform her truthfully, 'Why do humans continually take an fast dislike to me?' and he acknowledged, 'It saves time.'"
The larger they're, the tougher they fall . . . and the extra they pounce on each other. That's the message that comes via in Boze Hadleigh's megastar gossip assortment, Celebrity Diss and Tell. Goodness, they've got whatever to assert approximately each person! fortunately should you take pleasure in insider details and celebrity dust, Hadleigh is true there to catch their highly spiced quotes.
Celebrity Diss and Tell contains hundreds of thousands of quotations, snipes, and off-the-cuff comments. the writer divides the booklet into six sections, masking every thing from fellow celebrities and stars' households to misplaced loves and big name slugfests. All of this makes for riveting examining: Open to any web page and you're immediately caught within the down and soiled international of off-screen frankness, akin to "How tricky can it's to fly an aircraft? I suggest, John Travolta realized how." --Graham Chapman of Monty Python
They're all right here, from Robin Williams to Halle Berry. If a person has something stable to claim approximately anyone . . . you won't locate it in those pages. yet that's what makes Celebrity Diss and Tell this sort of solid and cathartic learn. those stars are just human, in the end, and no-one can sparkle for all time.

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