Sue V. Rosser's Breaking into the Lab Engineering Progress for Women in PDF

By Sue V. Rosser

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Why are there so few ladies in technological know-how? In Breaking into the Lab, Sue Rosser makes use of the reports of profitable ladies scientists and engineers to reply to the query of why elite associations have so few ladies scientists and engineers tenured on their schools. ladies are hugely certified, inspired scholars, and but they've got enormously greater charges of attrition, and they're shying clear of the fields with the Read more...


Seeks to respond to the query of why elite associations have so few ladies scientists and engineers tenured on their faculties Read more...

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His secretary, my age and also pregnant with her first child, and I eventually pieced together that anger toward his wife about her pregnancy provided the source of the inappropriate, negative comments he had directed at each of us throughout our pregnancies. This became particularly evident as the birth times (all within two months) approached, and he began to talk about feeling abandoned by everyone. Since he had a lab full of technicians, grad students, and another postdoc, the secretary and I couldn’t imagine what he meant until we realized that all of them were male.

He told me that I was trained as a research scientist and that I would be making a big mistake to go into something as faddish as women’s studies. When I told him that I was finding my role as a laboratory scientist increasingly incompatible with my role as a mother, citing the incident of the phone call when I was out nursing the baby, he told me that I had over-reacted to his remarks. The irrationality of his response and failure to discuss the problem and possible solutions convinced me even more that I needed to get out.

It is not surprising that I have mixed feelings about science and it partially explains why relatively early in my career I left bench science, at which I excelled and found pleasure, to pursue social studies of science. Does this harassing behavior still occur? Today, some 35–40 years later, most institutions in academia, government, and industry have sexual harassment policies firmly in place. Although enforcement of these policies and meaningful sanctions against harassers leave substantial room for improvement, such blatant harassment appears to be less common or receives immediate attention and sanctions, as in the case involving the Physics Department at Duke University (Wilson 2004).

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