New PDF release: Biology of Coccinellidae

By Ivo Hodek

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This e-book presents the 1st monograph of Coccinellidae. even though the crowd reveals inclusion either in Clausen's (1940) "Entomophagous bugs" and in Balduf's (1935) "Entomophagous Coleoptera", reference in those works is proscribed to 3 and twenty pages respectively. additionally, the final thirty years considering those books seemed have ~een loads of paintings at the crew. using pesticides mostly destroyed the early makes an attempt at organic keep an eye on and curiosity remained low for so long as pesticides seemed relatively profitable besides the fact that, the issues of pesticides quickly grew to become obvious, and within the final decade there were large advancements in organic keep an eye on, rather in eombin

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Bases of the chalazae on the abdominal strumae are high and large ... . . . . . . T. trilineata Weise 4, (3) Larvae light grey with small dark spots situated around the chalazae. Sides of head blackish. Prothorax with two closely adjacent plates, more or less uniformly covered with chalazae. d strumae oval, with 8 chalazae, 4 of which are larger than the others. (Fig. ) .................................................. T. ) 1 2 3 4 Adalia Muls. (2) d and dl abdominal sclerites with areas of isolated setae which have no basal swellings .

Fig. ) ................................ · ..................................... , Vibidia Mul. [V. duodecimguttata (Poda)J Head of different shape. Mandibles have no more than three teeth at apex. Submelltum usually with thin, elongate, rarely short setae. Abdominal tergites with various structures. Frontal suture with acute angle. Mandibles with three teeth at apex. Abdominal tergites with quadrangular strumae. (Fig. ) They are feeding on pollen of plants ...... •........................ )] Frontal suture rounded or absent.

R. fausti W s. 3 (2) Tubercules with one long seta. (Fig. 19) .................... R. cardinalis Muls. 4 (\) Tubercules of abdominal segments covered with short. very thick setae. 1 tubercules elongate. at apex ,,;dened and narrowed at hase. (Fig. 20) ....... R. ) Scymnus Kug. 5 (2) Prothorax with two triangular sclerites which are connected together at the front margin. Meso- and metathorax each with two clear dorsal sclerites .............. · .....................................

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