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By Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff

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First sequence: Objectively neutral feedback of the lifetime of guy; or, Beelzebub's stories to his grandson. -- second sequence: conferences with extraordinary males. -- third ser. existence is genuine basically then, whilst "I am."


Examines human lifestyles on the earth from the point of view of beings belonging to a far off international, led via the 'all-wise Beelzebub'. This identify demonstrates a strategy for the religious development of mankind. Read more...

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Having begun thus, I can now be quite at ease and should even, according to contemporary notions of “religious morality, ” be completely assured that from now on everything in this new venture of mine will proceed, as is said, “like a pianola. ” First and foremost, I shall place my hand, moreover the right one, which—although at the moment it is slightly injured due to an accident that recently befell me—is nevertheless really my own, and has never once failed me in all my life, on my heart, of course also my own—but on the constancy or inconstancy of this part of my whole I see no need to expatiate here—and frankly confess that I myself have not the slightest wish to write, but am constrained to do so by circumstances quite independent of me, though whether these circumstances arose accidentally or were created intentionally by extraneous forces I do not yet know.

Only for swapping anecdotes and for referring to someone’s parentage. ” Both these languages are like the dish known in Moscow as “solianka,” into which goes anything and everything except you and me—in fact, everything you wish, even the after-dinner “cheshma”2 of Scheherazade. It must also be said that owing to all kinds of conditions accidentally, or perhaps not accidentally, formed in my youth, I have had to learn, very seriously and of course always with self-compulsion, to speak, read, and write a great many languages, and to such a degree of fluency that if in following this profession unexpectedly forced on me by fate I decided not to take advantage of the “automatism” acquired by practice, I could perhaps write in any one of them.

As regards the former, that is to say, my lack of experience in the rules and procedures of writers, I am not greatly disturbed. And I am not disturbed, because in the life of contemporary people this lack of experience is in the order of things. This new “blessing” arose and is flourishing everywhere on Earth thanks to an extraordinary disease which, for the last twenty or thirty years, for some reason or other, has afflicted all those persons from among the three sexes who sleep with half-open eyes, and whose faces are fertile soil for the growth of every kind of pimple.

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