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By Derek A. Scott, Paul Rose

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This paintings discusses for sixty three species the explanation for dealing with the Anatidae of Africa and Western Eurasia at a flyway point. for every species, the main applicable flyway limitations are mentioned and plotted on maps. Maps additionally express all capability and real key-sites, and breeding levels for migratory species. Key-sites also are awarded in desk shape, with justification for all flyway inhabitants estimate and boundary adjustments.

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1994a). A. ). Tucker and Heath (1994) give the Spanish breeding population as 50–100 pairs, while A. ) suggests that the population currently numbers about 700 individuals. • North Africa (Algeria and Tunisia): 400. 1% level 4. Boumezbeur (1992) estimated the Algerian population (in El Kala National Park) at over 210 birds in March 1992. A. ) suggests that the total population in Algeria and Tunisia currently numbers about 400 individuals. • Southeast Europe/Turkey/Southwest Asia: 8,000–15,000.

This suggests that there are many more key sites still to discover for this population. For the Madagascar and West Africa populations, key sites networks could be a potentially useful conservation tool. In Madagascar, four key sites potentially support up to 20% of the estimated population size, while in West Africa the 15 key sites identified account for the majority of the January population. The distribution of birds between sites in West Africa is, however, highly variable between years, according to water regime.

C. ). 31 WHITE-FACED WHISTLING-DUCK Dendrocygna viduata 50°N 40°N 30°N 20°N 10°N 0° 500 0 1000 1500 km Key Sites Data deficient sites or sites that have occasionally supported internationally important numbers 10°S Has supported 1%–2% of flyway population Has supported 2%–10% of flyway population Has supported >10% of flyway population Sites that regularly support internationally important numbers Has supported 1%–2% of flyway population 20°S Has supported 2%–10% of flyway population Has supported >10% of flyway population Population Boundaries Well justified Uncertain 30°S Breeding areas 10°W 0° 10°E 20°E 32 30°E 40°E 50°E WHITE-FACED WHISTLING-DUCK Dendrocygna viduata • Eastern and southern Africa: 1,000,000–2,000,000.

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