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By Jasmine Dum-Tragut

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This grammar of recent jap Armenian provides an exact and specific description of the japanese Armenian language of the Republic of Armenia. It covers not just the normative culture yet, extra importantly, additionally describes the colloquial language because it is utilized in Armenia this present day. in regards to methodological technique and terminology it absolutely meets the calls for of contemporary normal linguistics and typology.

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The dark allophone is realised with a raised back part of the tongue and is regarded as the more frequent and neutral allophone. g. in the Russian loan ³ÉµáÙ albom [cljbfm] “album”. 3 Diphthongs SMEA is often considered not to have “real diphthongs”. There are, however, vowel combinations or glide-vowel combinations, which can be understood as diphthongs in a broad sense of definition. e. rising [cj] [uj] [7j] [fj] and falling [jc] [jf] [ju], graphically expressed with the grapheme combinations ³Û ay, »Û ey, áÛ oy, áõÛ uy and Û³ ya, Ûá yo and Ûáõ yu.

Chapter 1. Phonology  the radio”, ²Ý·ÉdzÛÇ Angliayi [c]glicji] “of England, England’s”, ²ÝݳÛÇ Annayi [cnncji] “Anna’s”, سñáÛÇ Maroyi [mcnfji] “Maro’s”, ³ïáÙ³ÛÇÝ atomayin ­[ctfmcjin] “nuclear”, ѳÝù³ÛÇÝ hank’ ayin [hc]khcjin] “mineral”, Ý³Û»É nayel [ncj7l] “to watch” etc. The (alveolar) lateral approximant [l] occurs in all positions. It shows “dark” and “light” or palatalized allophones, particularly in colloquial Armenian. The dark allophone is realised with a raised back part of the tongue and is regarded as the more frequent and neutral allophone.

The evidence for a pronunciation with the initial glide extending back to the classical period is unclear. Classical texts often transcribe Greek names beginning with epsilon or the alpha-iota diphthong with the initial e, whereas the Armenian word for “Jerusalem” written as ºñáõë³Õ¿Ù Erusałēm may indicate that the initial » e was pronounced with a glide [j7]. The pronunciation of the initial [f], written á o as [‚f] seems to be post-classical. . Sahakyan, Sahakyan 2004: 4. Chapter 1. g. in ³Ù»Ý³»ñϳñ amena-erkar [cm7ncj7nkhcn] “the longest” ÏÇë³»½ñ³÷³ÏÇã kisa-ezrap’akič’ [kiscj7zncphckitwh] ѳϳ»Ï»Õó³Ï³Ý haka-ekełec’akan [hckcj7k7t7tshckcn] “anticlerical” ѳٳ»íñáå³Ï³Ý hama-evropakan [hcmcj7vnfpckcn] “all-European; pan-european” etc.

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