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Each of the other four teleost groups show various primitive features. PIKES AND RELATIVES Protacanthopterygii Species 366 DRAGONFISHES AND RELATIVES Stenopterygii Species 400 LIZARDFISHES AND RELATIVES Cyclosquamata Species 240 LANTERNFISHES Scopelomorpha Species 250 BONY FISHES LOBE-FINNED FISHES AND TETRAPODS Osteichthyes Jawed fishes with bony, calcified skeletons. This group includes all fishes except for hagfishes, lampreys, and cartilaginous fishes. Sarcopterygii Bony fishes with lobed fins. These fishes were the ancestors of all limbed land vertebrates (tetrapods).

Most species can fly, but there are some flightless ones. All species lay eggs that are incubated externally, and have horn-sheathed bills. There is, however, another feature that is unique to birds: the feather. Feathers developed from modified scales, and grow in well-defined tracts. On most birds these tracts form a regular pattern, described by such terms as ear coverts, scapulars, primaries, and tail feathers. Overlying the body, smaller contour feathers smooth the bird’s outline. On some species, including penguins and kiwis, By using detailed physical and behavioral features to trace common descent, birds are grouped into 227 families to create an evolutionary family tree.

Many have bony plates (osteoderms) beneath their scales and some species lack legs. BEADED LIZARDS MONITOR LIZARDS Helodermatidae Species 2 Varanidae Species 63 MONITORS AND RELATIVES Varanoidea Includes squamates with an excellent sense of smell, and well-developed teeth, upper jaw, and neck. Most are efficient predators that use long tongues to track prey. SNAKES Serpentes Elongated squamates with no limbs (although the skeletons of some snakes show evidence of hind limbs), no moveable eyelids, and no external ears.

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