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By N. J. Mackintosh (Eds.)

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Presentation of Β on a test would activate the associatively linked represen­ tation of X , which in turn would be able to activate the A representation. T h e direct link between A and the U S would then produce a C R . In general, the formation of associations between the unique features of a stimulus and 2 Pavlovian Conditioning 37 features that it holds in c o m m o n with another similar stimulus will allow the c o m m o n features to mediate between the t w o so that presentation of one will activate the representation of the other.

Testa, T. , & Ternes, J. W. (1977). Specificity of conditioning mechanisms in the modification of food preferences. In L. M . Barker, M . R. Best, & M . ), Learning mecha­ nisms in food selection (pp. 229-253). Waco, T X : Baylor University Press. Wagner, A. R. (1978). Expectancies and the p r i m i n g of S T M . In S. H. Hülse, Η . Fowler, & W. K. ), Cognitive processes in animal behavior (pp. 177-209). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Wagner, A. , & B r a n d o n , S. E. (1989). Evolution of a structured connectionist model of Pavlovian conditioning ( A E S O P ) .

For s o m e birds, pairings of G and X always occurred on the same key, that is, in the same spatial location. For other birds, w h e n G occurred on the left key it was followed by X on the right, and vice versa. It was found that responding to G was acquired m o r e readily in subjects trained with G and X on the same key. These results constitute a prima facie case in favor of a role for spatial contiguity. But, as Rescorla and C u n n i n g h a m (1979) themselves acknowl­ edge, the case is not proved.

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