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Within the area of six years early within the 17th century, the Ottoman Empire underwent such turmoil and trauma--the assassination of the younger ruler Osman II, the re-enthronement and next abdication of his mad uncle Mustafa I, for a start--that a pupil stated the period's three-day-long dramatic climax "an Ottoman Tragedy." lower than Gabriel Piterberg's deft research, this era of concern turns into a historic laboratory for the background of the Ottoman Empire within the 17th century--an chance to monitor the dialectical play among background as an prevalence and event and historical past as a recounting of that have. Piterberg reconstructs the Ottoman narration of this fraught interval from the foundational textual content, produced within the early 1620s, to the composition of the country narrative on the finish of the 17th century. His paintings brings theories of historiography into discussion with the particular interpretation of Ottoman historic texts, and forces a rethinking of either Ottoman historiography and the Ottoman nation within the 17th century. A provocative reinterpretation of a tremendous occasion in Ottoman historical past, this paintings reconceives the relation among historiography and heritage.

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It might be that seniority, once introduced, promptly became accepted as customary. Second, there appears to be a correlation between fratricide and the image of gazi-sultans. 27 Significant as the above cluster of actions is in the interpretation of Genç Osman as a nonconformist and by and large unpopular ruler, it is dwarfed by the magnitude of the venture he and his confidants had conceived and were about to implement in 1621–22. In terms of histoire événementielle, it was this venture that eliminated the padishah and his regime.

My impression is that the tumultuous and violent three days in mid-May Istanbul we are about to present witnessed the participation of at least thousands of kul, perhaps even more. Numbers could also vary according to particular activities: a gathering at the Hippodrome might be very large, whereas the submission of a petition to the sultan via the ulema was done by an elected delegation. Comments by the Ottoman historians that shops in the markets were closed and that the city halted its daily life suggest that the civilian people of Istanbul stayed away from the confrontational drama at least until the result was clear.

Mustafa Ag˘a was a powerful man under Ahmed I, instrumental in the accession of Mustafa I, and, despite the controversy among Ottoman historians, the key figure in the Mustafa’s deposition after three months and Osman II’s enthronement. Hasanbeyzade, a most vehement critic of not only Mustafa Ag˘a but, it would seem, the chief black eunuchship in general, writes that the ulema, headed by the sheyhülislam, appealed to the valide sultan and advised her to banish the chief black eunuch. ” 14 Mustafa Ag˘a’s move from the first stage of his career (the Topkapı) to the second (comfortable retirement in Egypt effectively, banishment officially) occurred in 1619.

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