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By Robert M Switzer

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The sooner chapters are rather strong; besides the fact that, a few of the complex issues during this publication are greater approached (appreciated) after one has discovered approximately them somewhere else, at a extra leisurely speed. for example, this is not the simplest position to first examine attribute periods and topological ok idea (I may suggest, with out a lot hesitation, the books by way of Atiyah and Milnor & Stasheff, instead). a lot to my sadness, the bankruptcy on spectral sequences is sort of convoluted. components of 'user's advisor' via Mcleary would definitely turn out to be useful the following (which units the level quite properly for applications).

So it seems that supplemental analyzing (exluding Whitehead's large treatise) is important to accomplish a greater figuring out of algebraic topology on the point of this booklet. The homotopical view therein might be matched (possibly outmoded) by way of Aguilar's booklet (forthcoming, to which i'm greatly having a look forward).

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Every torsion element in the 26/2- coefficient ring w** is nilpotent. By Nishida's Indeed, consider a torsion element in w**. theorem, some power x, say, in w i j, p(x) = 0. If i satisfies i*(x) = 0 and If i < 0, there is nothing further to prove: x = 0. 3); hence xi+2 is zero. The operation P2 is well known, either as the (generalized) Hopf invariant or as Segal's operation 92, [80] . to 92 will be discussed in the next paragraph. Its relation As Hopf invariant P2 has the following properties.

An element is given by a framed manifold X with a map g: X -a P('o). X be the pullback of the universal double- cover S(b) - P(oo). free 7L/2-manifold; Then % with the covering involution is a it is equipped with a stable framing-c! = ]Ri lifted from the framing of X. 4). The 2Z/2-framed manifold X so constructed represents the class - [X,g] a wi(P(°D)) 9 wi i ' In order to use duality we must replace P(') by a finite projective space P(V). V). V) - w- ,(point) . (1). The restriction i*: 'ai,i_4 wi (or, in other language, the transfer wi(P(oa)) -+ wi(S(oe))) takes the element defined by X to the class [X] of the framed manifold with the involution According to the Kahn-Priddy theorem, if i > 0 then forgotten.

Then X x X with the involution which interchanges the factors has an evident 2Z/2-framing: t(X x X) is stably isomorphic to J;m®Ftm with the switching involution, that is, to Jim®Lm . ) Lemma ( 5 . 8 ) . X X X represents P2(x) in w2m The description of p2(x) m' = bmP2(x)- c(x) a com m' pictorially just the square X x X minus the diagonal, has a new subtlety. Let A : X --a X x X be the inclusion of the diagonal. 9) f2(x) = index(bm - p,,(1)) E Wm,m Consider the now familiar direct limit of the stable cohomotopy exact sequences of (X x X)x (D(nL),S(nL)).

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