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K ,p) rho linlii 1 n-1 lim n+ao ~ n 1 f ( T k x )= f ( x ) :-: T j0 l almost everywhere, T f(T‘x)dt = f(x) ’ 12 k=O 73 ‘ almost everywhere. exists, where u ( ” ) is the n-fold convolution of v . ~ A new and very simple proof of this theorem for the group Z’ was given recently by Y. Katznelson and B. Weiss [KW2]. Their proof uses parts of the Kamae arguments which he used to obtain a proof of Birkhoff-Khinchin theorem based on of the non-standard analysis. There are universal sequences for the groups Z”, R”: one can take as (C,} the sequence of cubes whose sides increase to infinity.

G. Sinai Chapter 3. 8. Suppose 4 (, 4 . . ,(, + E , is an increasing sequence of finite partitions of a space ( M ,A,p ) which are vwB with respect to an automorphism T acting on M . Then T is a B-automorphism. e. T x ( ' )= 2") = (. . ', ,j#),j j y ) , . ), jji') = y ! y l , with an invariant measure p, defined on the Bore1 o-algebra 4, of subsets of Let no:M I --+ Y be the projection: nox(')= yg) if x(')= (. ), ,yg),y y ) . . Given x(')E M I and a natural number n, denote by C,(x(") the cylinder subset of M I of = n o ( T k x ( ' )if) Ikl < n } .

2). Spectral properties of the flow { T ' } are connected with the speed of approximation of E. by rational numbers. If d is rational or if at least one of the numbers A', A, is equal to zero, then the flow { T ' } cannot be ergodic. If A is irrational, the study of the properties of the flow { T ' } is based on a special representation of this flow. and a function F : S' + [w' of 65 class C'. 8 is based on the fact that there is a smooth closed non-self-intersecting curve on the torus, which is transversal to the trajectories of the flow { T ' } at all its points, and such that for any trajectory of { T ' } there are infinitely many moments t > 0 and infinitely many moments t < 0, when it intersects the curve f.

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