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This ebook highlights African biodiversity in any respect degrees starting from molecules to ecosystems. significant subject matters are biogeography, speciation approaches, phylogenetic styles and systematics, variety decline and conservation, and utilized biodiversity informatics. The forty two contributions are totally on bugs and vertebrates, yet contain botanical papers in addition to extra basic chapters on biodiversity informatics.

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Percentages of the total are provided in parentheses. Questionmarks reflect suspected occurrences that remain to be verified. Abbreviations as follows: A (Angola); B (Botswana); L (Lesotho); Ma (Malawi); Mo (Mozambique); N (Namibia); SA (South Africa); S (Swaziland); Za (Zambia); Zi (Zimbabwe); E (Extralimital). Scorpion Diversity and Distribution in Southern Africa 35 Lorenzo Prendini 36 Table 2. Scorpion endemism in southern African countries, south of 15° latitude. Percentages of the total are provided in parentheses.

2004, Identifying important endemic areas using ecoregions: birds and mammals in the Indo-Pacific, Oryx 38:91-101. Faith, D. , and Walker, P. , 1996, Environmental diversity: on the best-possible use of surrogate data for assessing the relative biodiversity of sets of areas, Biodiv. Conserv. 5:399-415. Fishpool, L. D. , and Evans, M. , 2001, Important Bird Areas in Africa and Associated Islands. Priority Sites for Conservation, BirdLife International, Cambridge, UK. , 1999, The relationship of species richness and endemism to ecoclimatic stability - a case study comparing distributions of Andean birds with remotely sensed environmental data, Ecography 22:63-78.

Among 69 species with a confirmed representation in one or two cells only, 22% are Guineo-Congolian species with more than 90% of their range outside our East African study area. , 2002b). Over all, the Zambesian forest birds were very poorly represented as a consequence of the small number of coarse-scale priority areas in the southern part of our study region. This leads us to specifically consider the possible problem of selection of marginal sites (see Introduction). Araújo and Williams (2001), who studied this question for European mammals, birds and reptiles, used a methodology where all cells of a species range were scored using a contagion measure of position on the core-periphery spectrum.

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