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By Sriram Srinivasan

ISBN-10: 1565922204

ISBN-13: 9781565922204

No matter if your wisdom of Perl is informal or deep, this booklet will make you a extra comprehensive programmer. It covers complicated concepts for dealing with production-ready Perl courses and explains equipment for manipulating information and items which can have seemed like magic ahead of. moreover, it units Perl within the context of a bigger surroundings, giving you the historical past you would like for facing networks, databases, and GUIs. it is also a dialogue of internals that can assist you application extra successfully and embed Perl inside C or C inside of Perl. significant themes comprise the sensible use of applications and sessions (object-oriented programming), advanced info buildings, endurance (e.g., utilizing a database), networking, graphical interfaces utilizing the Tk toolkit, interplay with interval services, embedding and increasing the Perl interpreter, and chosen internals.

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Java and C++ have the class declaration to compose new data types out of fundamental data types. These constructs allow you to combine a bunch of named attributes under a single banner but still provide access to each individual attribute. 1. [1] We'll discuss a module called ObjectTemplate in Chapter 7, Object-Oriented Programming, that provides this. 1: Simulating C structures with Perl hashes Perl's implementation of hash tables is actually quite efficient in terms of both performance and space.

Perlref (Perl documentation) 2. Uniprocessor Garbage Collection Techniques. Paul Wilson. International Workshop on Memory Management, 1992. This paper gives a comprehensive treatment of GC issues. 7 References in Other Languages Advanced Perl Programming Next: 2. Implementing Complex Data Structures Book Index 2. 2 Example: Matrices 2. Implementing Complex Data Structures Contents: User-Defined Structures Example: Matrices Professors, Students, Courses Pass the Envelope Pretty-Printing Resources Don't worry, spiders, I keep house casually.

Pack is a good option when you need to be frugal about space, because it converts a list of values into one scalar value without necessarily changing each individual item's machine representation; sprintf is less efficient in this regard, because it converts everything to a printable representation. 2 Example: Matrices Before we embark on this example, you must know that if you really want a good efficient implementation of matrices, you should check out the PDL module (Perl Data Language) from CPAN.

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