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These reverse effects are confusing for either manual or automatic operation. The only true indication of water inventory change is the flow mismatch between steam and feed-water. The water level of the steam generator must not be allowed to rise too high in order to prevent the excessive moisture carryover and the pressure buildup of the 1 containment in the break of secondary side flow loop. Also, the low water level should be prevented in order to avoid the uncovery of the U-tubes in the secondary side.

For various techniques on robust adaptive observer and optimum controller please refer to [12] and [13] respectively. 2 2. Model Development A steam generator shows complicated dynamic behaviors with nonlinear characteristics. Some theoretical models based on thermodynamic experiments and/or energy conservative equations have been developed to use for operator training simulator and accident analysis and so on. However, these are inadequate as mathematical models for designing controllers due to complexities.

P. V. , Rhode and J. Winkelman, “Adaptive nonlinear control of systems containing a dead-zone,” Proc. of the 30th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, pp. 2111-2115, Brighton, England, 1991. [27] Robust Control Techniques, Tutorial Document, Group for Aeronautical Research and Technology in EURope (GARTEUR), April 4, 1997. [28] Stephen Boyd, “Robust Control Tools: Graphical User-Interfaces and LMI Algorithms,” Report published by Information Systems Laboratory, Stanford University, April 23, 1994 [29] Tao, G.

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