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By Michele Albert

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Julien Langlois is a guy hiding secrets and techniques at the back of his darkish, horny eyes--and the one difficulty among him and his hidden target is Dulcinea Quinn, the obdurate redhead maintaining him in protecting custody on her small houseboat. Taking benefits of the sultry bayou nights, Julien attempts to achieve his freedom with a bit seductive persuasion--but Dulcie's passionate reaction to his sensual attack without notice ensnares him.

Healed through Love

Dulcie's by no means identified any such complicated man--for lower than Julien's effortless Cajun attraction lies a burning force to avenge his younger brother's dying. She fears his feel of honor will lead him down a perilous road--but does not are looking to think she's given her middle to a guy who would select any such darkish direction. How can she turn out to Julien that the most suitable choice in existence. . .is love?

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You can't keep me here. " Halloran sat back, putting away his notepad. "Bet you'd play a mean game of poker, Langlois. Five days it is — unless I figure out before then what you were really gonna do with that gun in your hand. " Julien smiled. " "Doesn't surprise me much," Halloran said, pushing himself to his feet. He started for the door, then stopped short, as if he'd suddenly remembered something. Julien's guts knotted again. "Oh, yeah. Before I forget: let me give you a piece of advice. Dulcie is a special woman, and I'd take it real personal if anything were to happen to her.

Jeez-louise, what the hell is going on here? " She brought her legs down, suddenly feeling a little foolish, and as she 41 ABSOLUTE TROUBLE - Michele Albert unwound her arms from Julien's neck, he nipped her with his teeth. Right on her breast. She slapped him. So hard that she jarred a lock of his long hair from its tie and left a livid imprint of her hand on the side of his face. Julien only smiled — a cold, leering smile. Furious, Dulcie almost told Les to get Julien off her boat; that she'd had it with this man's attitude.

With a sudden, unpleasant jolt, Dulcie realized he could easily jump from the rail over to the pier. All he had to do was hit her and knock her aside. With a rising fury, she met Julien's cold gaze. She challenged him; let him see in her eyes that she knew what he wanted. And that she wouldn't let him have it. "You really do want to get off this boat, don't you? " She watched his eyes change: glittering, black, and flat. He made a move away from her. Not enough of one to define his intent, but she didn't wait.

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