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By William R. Scott

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This advisor was once an non-compulsory studying fabric for one in every of my BH sessions. in the beginning I wasn't definite what to make of this advisor, the way to use it and what its usefulness is. it is not important for studying Biblical Hebrew and will not do you any strong if that is all you need to do. yet it really is helpful for fogeys who are looking to transcend the textual content itself. The extra I learn BHS and the extra i take advantage of the Masoretic notes and the severe gear, the extra helpful this little booklet turns into. additionally, for an reader, there's a beautiful strong bibliography that allows you to dig deeper if desired.
Specifically, it covers verse divisions (soph pasuq, seder, etc.), targeted pointing, the Masora (it has short notes at the Masoretes, Masora Finalis, Masora Marginalis -- either Mm and Mp, rationalization of the severe gear and accents. additionally, there's an index of abbreviations and logos in Mp and an invaluable checklist of Latin phrases utilized in BHS with English translations. For the fee it is a good deal and definitely a great tool for the reader.

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6 INDEX OF SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATIONS OF THE SMALL MASORA (Translation based on BHS pp. L-LV) Mp TRANSLATION OT REF alphabet Hebrew letters without points are consonantS Hebrew letters with points are numbers mention of the divine name, tetragrammaton Pentateuch letters raised letters Indicates that the word 101' occurs twice in Psalms other than those places where joined with one of these three words. ]ti noun from the verb 1bti man lion Aramaic sign of the accusative case 'atnah (accent) in, into in them well, cistern noun from the verb t11 plunder, booty between them noun from the verb l71 except Gen 30:30 Judg 7:24 Jer 39:7 Jer 17:27 Isa 33:23 2 Sam 1:24 Tiberian masoretic tradition descending from Ben Asher Ps 31:12 Tiberian masoretic tradition descending from Ben Naphtali the book of Genesis man after last Isa 44:20 ga 'ā ' (metheg, secondary accent, see p.

Wurtt. Bibelanstalt, 1937. , et al, Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1967/1977. , Introduction to the Massoretic-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible. New York: Ktav, 1966. Originally published 1897. , The Music of the Bible Revealed. Translated by Dennis Weber, edited by John Wheeler. Berkeley: BIBAL Press, 1991 Herzog, A. "Masoretic Accents" in Encyclopaedia Judaica. Jerusalem: Keter, 1972. , ed. Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar. Translated by A. E. Cowley. Oxford: Clarendon, 1910/1985.

To further confuse matters, pausal forms may also occasionally occur with zāgēp and segôltā ' or (rarely) even with other disjunctive accents. An example of a zāqēp pausal form may be found in Judg 1:15 ('3nn3 for ']f111]). Group 2: xxx tiph āh Divides units between 'atnah and sillûq, when main division comes on first word preceding 'atnah or sillûq. If zāqēp divides the unit, tiphāh divides units between zāqēp and 'atnah or sillûq. One servus (mêrekā ') or none. xxx zāgēp qātōn (or qātan) Divides two units formed by 'atnah, when the division precedes atnah or sillûq by more than one word.

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