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By John A. Love

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This is a much-needed replace on a pioneering and celebrated reintroduction venture, in addition to crucial history and an goal precis of its justification and value in worldwide conservation phrases. it's very a lot a private account, instead of a systematic procedure, deriving a lot from the author’s personal stories and researches, and liberally illustrated in general through the author’s photos and drawings.

This intimate account, usually first-hand, tells all that has occurred because the reintroduction of the white-tailed sea eagle first begun and precisely how its successes over the next 3 and a part a long time have acquired such around the world popularity and acclaim. The ebook features a category of the eagles and their folklore and knowledge approximately their heritage, distribution and biology.

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She 28 Sea Eagle fiction would perch on ‘the fatal stone’, sharpening her beak before satiating her hunger on the bodies of the slain. Another 12th-century Welsh cleric, Geoffrey of Monmouth, who documented a history of the Kings of Britain, maintained that King Arthur is buried on Snowdon (one of many resting places claimed in the British Isles), his grave guarded by a pair of chained eagles. He also declared how sixty eagles would assemble annually at Loch Lomond in Scotland, to prophesy forthcoming events.

Ruth Tingay told me how some eagles are found missing claws. One of her study birds, to which she referred as Cut Off, lived for several years with only one leg, 36 Sea Eagle fiction Fishing boat Havørna in Bodø harbour, with Harald Misund (right) and even bred quite successfully. Ruth admits she does not know how the bird came to lose its foot: perhaps the local fishermen had cut it off to retrieve an aluminium leg ring, mistakenly believing it was made of silver. Alternatively the bird could have been attacked by a Nile crocodile, or else lost its leg when it became entangled in fishing net.

On the other hand, and as we’ll see later, there is now evidence of the reintroduced Sea Eagles moving back in, and perhaps even evicting their more aggressive cousin. There are American reports of Great Horned Owls nesting within an occupied Bald Eagle nest, while one pair of owls even succeeded in evicting the eagles altogether. An interesting situation is recorded from Mecklenburg in East Germany (Deppe 1972). After 30 years’ continuous use, a White-tailed Sea Eagle nest had to be abandoned due to timber operations nearby.

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