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The rifle wasn't really necessary. She wasn't planning on using it, but it made for good show, and it would be pleasant to have on hand should any of the 'gators get nasty, or should one of the professors get careless. One of the rifle's double barrels was loaded, she realized as she locked the office door behind her and headed down the rickety wooden steps into the hot, humid summer night. That waste-case, Simon, had no doubt left the gun loaded, and returned it to the Sea Circus office without even putting the safety on.

It sure wouldn't take much effort on her part. She was already feeling queasy. " "Yo, Carlos, I'll carry her," Crew-cut volunteered. "I'll walk," Carrie said quickly. "Oh, man," Crew-cut said, exaggerating his whine. " He pretended to pout. "But, baby, you know, I like you…" He reached out to touch her, and Carrie jerked back out of his grasp. "Don't you come near me," she said sharply, including Carlos in her glare. What were her options here? She could stand passively by and wait to see what they were going to do with her.

Oddly enough, he still sometimes showed up in her dreams, too. Even odder, those dreams were steamy and erotic, filled with entangled legs, and cool, smooth, muscular skin, and long, dark hair hanging down around her face as he slowly bent to kiss her, as he sensuously, languorously, exquisitely moved inside of her— She'd wake up with a start, surprised and sometimes a little disappointed to find that she'd only been dreaming. Six months ago, she'd gone to the police station and sworn out a complaint, but the man named Carlos and his three friends still hadn't been caught.

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