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The earlier decade has witnessed a dramatic and common growth of curiosity and job in sub-Riemannian (Carnot-Caratheodory) geometry, encouraged either internally through its position as a simple version within the glossy conception of research on metric areas, and externally during the non-stop improvement of functions (both classical and rising) in components comparable to regulate conception, robot course making plans, neurobiology and electronic snapshot reconstruction.

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Due to their importance in physics and chemistry, illustration of Lie teams has been a space of extensive learn by means of physicists and chemists, in addition to mathematicians. This creation is designed for graduate scholars who've a few wisdom of finite teams and normal topology, yet is another way self-contained.

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Stereotyping is likely one of the most vital concerns in social psychology, yet rather little is understood approximately how and why stereotypes shape. This booklet explores the method of stereotype formation; the way in which humans increase impressions and look at social teams. traditional techniques to stereotyping suppose that stereotypes are in accordance with misguided and distorted tactics, however the authors of this exact research have a truly assorted view.

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1 Blockade on the right: blockade of object Rules 2 and 4 are not recursive because they insert ULPS without o as an object of X. This absence of object in the resultant string prevents them from being applied again. These rules erase I n I. Therefore, their generative power is minimal, as the number of reaching levels is 2 and the number of forming sentences is also 2. 2 Blockade on the left: blockade of subject Rules 7 and 8 delete ( „ ] . Therefore, no other cut of s can be applied nor an insertion in its focal place.

X m } is the set of all words over V of length k. Clearly, £(A) = A. We define the morphisms h : (VI) {ci,c 2 ,.. ,cm,d1,d2, • • • ,d m })* —• V*, given by /i(a) = a, a 6 V, /i(cj-) = = Xi, 1 < i < m, fi h(di) = «e(K,) . i < * < m, and g : (V U {ci, c2, • • • ,cm, d1, d2,.. •, dm})* —> V*, given by g(a) — a, a E V, g(ci) = g{di) =e, 1 < i < m. Now we consider the regular language n n R=(\J V{Ci}V+{di}V) »=i U ([J V*{di}V+{Ci}V*). «=i We claim that hpek{L) =g(h-1{L)nR). Indeed, the regular language R assures that the following conditions are satisfied: - The strings in h~l(L) C\R are produced from those strings z in L for which there exists 1 < i < m such that both words x,- and £,(xi)R occur in z, separated by at least one symbol from V, whose inverse morphical images are the symbols c,- and di, respectively, or dj and Cj, respectively, for some j .

13. A. Tarski, The semantic conception of truth and the foundations of semantics, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 4 (1944), 341-376. 47 SOME REMARKS ON HAIRPIN A N D LOOP LANGUAGES JUAN CASTELLANOS Department of Artificial Intelligence Polytechnical University of Madrid 28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain E-mail: j c a s t e l l a n o s 6 f i . u p m . e s VICTOR MITRANA University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics Str. ro We further investigate here the hairpin languages defined in [13] and introduce a similar type of languages, namely the loop languages, for which we study some decidability matters.

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